Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Possible Interruptions to Lost Legacy Blogging

On Wednesday, I leave France en route to GMU, Fairfax, Virginia, for the 34th Annual Conference of the History of Economics Society (8-11 June).

As usual this will disrupt my Blogging over the period, though I hope to get on-line via wireless connection as soon as possible. I aim to attend many sessions, particularly those covering Adam Smith, and I shall report on the sessions I attend, with all due deference to the sensibilities of the presenters and participants and the normal academic courtesies.

I am more interested in the ideas presented, whether I agree or find them problematic, or of neutral significance, and in the mood and enthusiasm of the participants.

I shall, of course, be frank about my own session on Sunday 10 June, how it was received and whether it struck a chord, or, as David Hume put it in respect of the reception to his Treatise in 1740, it ‘fell still born from the press’ (which is now recognised as one of the finest works on moral philosophy, if not, as I believe the finest, ever written). So, my paper’s weaknesses, failings, errors, and all, shall be reported, as you would expect.

On my return I will give a fuller report, as I did for the Columbia University seminar on ‘Reclaiming Adam Smith’ last August. Having attended many academic conferences and seminars, both as a contributor and a listener, I know they can be of mixed quality. Looking at the headline speakers, and the session topics, the agenda looks really good.

So I’m not likely to be bored in the quality company of such as will be gathered at GMU this weekend.


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