Monday, May 14, 2007

Interruption to Lost Legacy Blogging - quelle domage

Brief Announcement

I am en route for France at present and it has already affected my Blogging. It will contune to do so until at least Wednesday, when I shall arrive (hopefully) at my French home for the usual summer soujourn, interrupted by a short trip to GMU for the 34th History of Economics Society annual conference and, later, a longer return to Edinburgh in July and August on family business, before returning to France for late August to early October.

I shall complete my manuscript for the 'Adam Smith' volume for Palgrave's new series, Great Thinkers in Economics, circa end June.

In the meantime time, apologies all round. Lost Legacy returns as soon as I re-connect to the Internet in France (unfortunately via telephone dial up, as my Wanadoo connection is tempermental).


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