Sunday, March 04, 2007

Law and Economics

Unsolicited praise is praise indeed and this one comes from Barry Barnett of Blawgletter (for hot-shot lawyers, but readable by less-hot citizens) at:

Understanding Adam Smith"

Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations (1776).

“Blawgletter heartily endorses Gavin Kennedy's Adam Smith's Lost Legacy. Economics professor Kennedy will shortly complete a book on the famous Scottish economist. We await it with fond anticipation.
Barry Barnett”

Well thankee, sir.

I hope you and my other reader are not disappointed.

I am working on Smith and the role he saw for government at present, which includes justice, covered in his ‘Lectures On Jurisprudence’ (a must read for law students), ‘Moral Sentiments’ (a must read for students of moral philosophy, psychologists and sociologists) and ‘Wealth Of Nations’ (a must read for all students).

On the affinity between law and economics, I discovered last week that a student friend of mine, who has spent his entire career so far in the university of our youth (I moved on after 11 years) has, to my great surprise because I never thought he would leave the old alma mater, moved to Manchester University to head up a leading research and teaching department in law and economics, a subject he dabbled in throughout his early years and, obviously has more than dabbled since.

I should think the future of law and economics as a joint discipline on the analytical level is now in safer hands. I shall write and offer him my congratulations and I shall mention Smith’s lectures on jurisprudence, just in case he hasn't read it (unlikely).


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