Thursday, February 01, 2007

Give Me those Old Time Numbers - They're Good Enough for Me

In the absence of markets to assess effectiveness in Blog readership numbers, the next best measure is the number of unique visitors per day, week, month and year.

Among economics Blogs, Adam Smith's Lost Legacy is fairly small, but, as Smith often pointed out in Wealth of Nations it is not the size of an economy that indicates its vitality (and the happy countenance of the the labourers, as they march towards opulence), it is whether it is growing, stationary or stagnating.

Lost Legacy is 'slowly and gradually' (another favourite phrase of Smith's) growing in its number of regular unique visitors. Well, if that measure was good enough for our patron, then it's good enough for me (reminds me of an old hymn, somehow ...):

Checking the January unique visitor numbers I found:

Jan 2007 Unique Visitors: 12,550; page views: 53,585

Comparing that with:

Jan 2006 Unique Visitors 4,675; page views: 18,898

Looking at these numbers for the 12 months to 30 Jan 2007:

Unique visitors: 102,446; page views: 447,844

I am grateful to all visitors and readers of the Blog and the Home page materials, including the bibliography of Smith articles. When I finish my current book on Adam Smith for Palgrave’s ‘Great Thinkers in Economics’ series, I shall update this with several scores of new references.

Anyway, a great thank you to all readers (how about some of you posting comments, including polite criticism?).


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