Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Good News for my article on the “invisible hand”:
Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand: From Metaphor to Myth” (2009) published in Econ journal watch 6(2):pp 239-263.
Up to December 20, 2017, it has been downloaded 500 times by readers HERE

A relatively minor event in the wider order of things but for me a significant target in my much smaller academic world.
I have noticed an increase in references to my arguments plus a growing number of other references critical of the prevailing consensus against the post-Samuelson myths of Adam Smith’s use of the now ‘infamous’ metaphor that distorts Smith’s literary intentions.
My new text, “An Authentic Account of Adam Smith” Palgrave-Macmillam, 2018, restores Adam Smith’s original arguments to clarify his clear intentions in 1776 (WN Book 4, Chapter IV, p 456).
If you have not read it yet, follow the link and /or acquire my new book.


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