Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Senator Linthicum posts (2 October) in the Upper Rogue Independent HERE
“Senator Linthicum newsletter”
“One of Adam Smith’s teachers was Adam Ferguson at the University of Edinburgh. In 1792, Ferguson wrote about the relationship between freedom and anarchy, “Liberty or freedom is not as the origin of the name may seem to imply, and exemption from all restraint, but rather a most effectual application of every just restraint to all members of a free state, whether they be magistrates or subjects.”
He continued, “It is under just restraints only that every person is safe, and cannot be invaded, either in the freedom of his person, his property, or innocent action…”
Adam Ferguson was not one of Adam Smith’s “teachers” and certainly not in 1792. Adam Smith died in 1790!
Moreover, Adam Smith never attended Edinburgh University. He was educated at Glasgow University, where, later,  he became  Professor of Moral Philosophy, before Smith retired in order to write what became the Wealth of Nations (1776)

They knew each other, of course. Ferguson set aside his “persoanl differences” with Adam Smith and attended him in the last days of Smith’s life, shortly before Smith died in Panmure House, Ediinburgh.


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