Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Recently, over the seasonal break for New Year I noticed a decided drop in comments from readers. I was perplexed by this but could not see what was the matter (apart from indifference among readers!).
I have also noticed than my Blog's layout on screen appears to be different.
Today, almost by accident, I noticed differences in layout that appear to have been introduced by Google without explanation, so I decided to follow clues.
Lo and behold, I found a new route to Comments 'awaiting moderation'. 
So I read them pressed 'publish' of some of them and 'deleted' the occasional attempts at sending messages of no interest to me, nor I suspect to readers (who if they are searching for sex partners or related supplies, should look elsewhere).
Hence, apologies if you sent Lost Legacy a relevant Comment recently and it did not appear on the Blog. 
I welcome relevant Comments, critical or otherwise.
Gavin Kennedy


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