Monday, December 05, 2016


Last week I was delighted to sign a contract with a major publisher for my new book on Adam Smith, of which more details will be forthcoming in due course.
This has been in progress to some extent while I was working on a long paper a year or more ago but ill-health prevented me finishing it. 
At the time several readers of Lost Legacy wrote asking if they could obtain a copy, which I was delighted to confirm. However, I had to put that project aside recently both because of my health and because I was already envisaging my undertaking a more ambitious project of a full book.
Recently that project has been underway and I was modestly pleased with some draft chapters which, as I revised them, I decided to submit a proposal for new book, genuinely containing new material that deserves a wider readership.
My Blog, has continued throughout recent months and shall do so in the immediate future, though on a slightly new basis. I shall not be commenting daily on the flood of media and scholarly articles, spurious claims and assertions about the so-called invisible hand as attributed wrongly to Adam Smith. One problem is the number of suspicious websites emanating from Russia (ru) that claim to be about the invisible hand but with suspect provenance.
Frankly, my attention is to be directed elsewhere, while I write my new book’s manuscript over the next six months. 
I shall post brief headline statements about things I notice on the web. 
However, to the positive. My new book will round off my scholarly endeavours on Adam Smith. I shall post news of the progress of The Book on Lost Legacy from time to time…. 

Gavin Kennedy


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