Friday, August 26, 2016


Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for and The Daily Economist. . HERE 
The invisible hand always wins: Interbank lending rates rising despite central bank ZIRP and NIRP policies”
One of the biggest reasons why economic events such as hyperinflation are so devastating is because they occur in a flash, and usually beyond the reach of governments and central banks to be able to stop them.  And in a nutshell, the invisible hand of market forces will always outdo anything man can construct to oppose them, just as nature will always win out over technology in the long run.
Herb Nakada posts (24 August)  on The Williams Lake Tribune HERE
“Capitalism evolution concerning
“Selfishness rules capitalism.  What could go wrong?  Selfishness serves the common good with guidance of the “free” market and the “invisible hand” is a lie.”
SCOTT MERZBACH posts (24 August) on The Recorder HERE 
“Hood said there is what he calls an “invisible hand” that restrains public debate in favor of support for the superintendent’s position.
Leslee Kulba, posts (25 August) on  The Tribune paper group (Ashlee, USA) HERE 
“When the Guard Robs the Bank”

“…As study after study shows, a government that protects personal property also promotes prosperity. In a free market, people produce and trade value for value. If they don’t want to buy something, they don’t, until the price is right. If the price is never right, the seller finds something else he can do that society values enough to buy. In so doing, the “invisible hand” helps everybody stay relevant as a contributor to society. …


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