Friday, August 05, 2016


Danny Bowes blastsl the purveyors of the usual ‘invisible hand nonsense, describing the claims as ‘bullshit’ [Language!]  HERE 
A White Man Set Them Free”
The Paths Connecting Matt Damon, China, Global Capitalism and Franz Kafka.
White stars, so the thinking goes, are a necessity for box office success, as an immutable decree of the invisible hand of the free market.
Book Title Absurdities: HERE 
Virtuosity in Business: Invisible Law Guiding the Invisible Hand’ by Jackson, Kevin T. (2011) Hardcover
Josh Guckert posts (5 July) on PORN HUB HERE
“PornHub Does Its Part to Fight Zika Virus"
'As Adam Smith describes with his analogy of the “invisible hand,” corporations may only get ahead by doing good by those it serves. Even if that market participant does not necessarily have the best of intentions, its actions must conform to the calls of the citizenry. If it does not live up to these expectations, it can expect a loss of profit and future earning potential.'
That’s the second time this month in which I have read that Adam Smith’s use of the metaphor of ‘an invisible hand’ is described as an ‘analogy’. Interesting. 
I know of no connection between the two posters! 
Its PORN HUB author this morning certainly understands the moral Adam Smith in place of the monstrous libel usually imposed on the wholly innocent Adam Smith by ignorant modern so-called scientists who have never read the 18th century moral philosopher yet poniticate as if they have
Pax on Both Houses posts (4 August) as part of the US Presidential Campaign. Anti-Trump, I think.

"The Invisible Hand," Promising Everything, Delivering Nothing. Sound Like Anyone We Know?


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