Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Perhaps my stupidity allowed me to recognize that Adam Smith’s invisible hand drives markets. Egos impede them. Brexit, ultimately forced by the intentions of the invisible hand, has nothing to do with politics. Economic, financial, and political evolution, changes that shape society, are driven by crises sown by whomever proclaims…”
Ed Fisher posts (5 July) on Morning Sun HERE 
Fisher: The changing tide of chaos in our time
“In 1759 Adam Smith indicated in his theory of morals that sympathy between members of society is essential, and that justice and equality motivate democracy. His “Wealth of Nations” is the first study of political economy. He thought a nation’s wealth should be judged by its total production and commerce, now known as gross domestic product. He advocated the division of labor and the fair distribution of wealth based on productivity and quality. Smith and others of the Scottish Enlightenment believed that morals are based on enlightened self-interest: rules of conduct make trade possible. Peter Drucker, in “Post-industrial society”, 1993, Harper Business, shows how notions of free trade and the just distribution of income have been distorted in the past quarter of a century: The rise of the financial industry and top managers siphoning vast amounts of wealth and the decline of the middle class, because productivity has not been rewarded, and essential services curtailed. He contends that a complete education of every citizen is crucial. This means the ability to judge on merit, to understand political, economic, social, and cultural values that help the greatest number, not the few, and to change as needed in a chaotic world.”
Tkeonym is “a label to aggregate the work, posting at YOUR NZ (gedgit?) HERE
“The most used ‘author’ name at Whale Oil has changed from ‘Cameron Slater’ to ‘Teknonym’. It appears to be largely same old under a new label.
“It will be exactly the same and completely new. And yes, I realise that both can’t be true.
Whaleoil will continue to deliver stories with information that comes from the same network of people who have been the ‘invisible hand’ behind the blog for some time.”
There you have it. The so-called “invisible hand’ of the market is a bunch of guys giving of their opinions to a news vendor - meanwhile billions of other guys are not consulted...
Michele Zirkle posts (5 July) on Point Pleasant Register HERE 
The flood in my home wasn’t from the rising river, wasn’t from a thunderstorm, it was from a demon who tried to drown me and my family.
“For weeks in 2006, a demon sprayed water inside my house. It was as if a water hose was being controlled by an invisible hand that doused the walls and soaked the carpets. The water would bust hot light bulbs and set off the fire alarms. I removed all the pictures from my walls and covered them in plastic. The commode water would form a funnel and hit the ceiling.”
Posted on BX HERE 
Truth about the invisible hand behind the nba"

Too boring, corny and ridiculous to reproduce even for Loony Tunes.


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