Sunday, June 05, 2016

QUICK BITs no. 12

On Boston Globe (4 June) HERE 
Adam Smith is the 18th-century English economist who gave us the memorable phrase “the invisible hand,” used these days to describe the power of markets to shape not only our financial lives but everything else as well.”
US Newspapers were famous once for their legendary fact- checkers. Alas, no more.
Adam Smith is the 18th-century English economist…” 
Oh dear.
Adam was born and raised in Kirkcldy, Fife, Scotland.
He lived most of his life in Scotland. 
He was educated in Kirkcaldy and Glasgow, Scotland. 
He wrote his  Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) in Glasgow, Scotland. 
He wrote most of his Wealth of Nations (1776) in Kirkcaldy, Scotland (the last chapters were edited and printed in London, England, where his publisher was located).
He was employed as a Scottish Comissioner of Customs and the Salt Duty in Edinburgh, Scotland from 1778-1790, a short walk from his home in Panmure House, Edinburgh.
He is buried in Canongate Kirk - yards from his home - in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now what has any of the above got to do with Adam Smith being English!
It must be down to the plain insensitivity of its author.


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