Thursday, June 02, 2016


In a “sponsored article written by the author. euobserver has no role in the creation of its content”, HERE  which reads like a news release from Xinhua China’s official international propaganda agency.
Perceptions over South China Sea dispute are simply wrong.”
“Increasingly more Chinese people believe that the U.S. is no longer just an invisible hand behind the rising tension in the South China Sea. They are afraid that the deployments by the U.S., if not curbed, can only result in militarising the region.”
Zev Gotkin posts (26 May) on HuffPost Business   HERE 
How to Quit Your Job and Start a Business Doing What You Love with David Totah”
“At that stage, you start getting encouraging signs, like an invisible hand that helps you along your path. I guess most call it luck.”
Er, it is luck. Many try and fail. There is no “inviisble hand” of “luck”.
“Invisible hand behind AgustaWestland deal: Manohar Parrikar - “News X HERE 
“Manohar Parrikar also made big revelations in the AgustaWestland case. He said that an invisible hand behind the kickbacks in AgustaWestland deal.”
He then revealed “Names”! What was “invisible” then?
Bill Clemens, a resident of Peublo West, posts (26 May) a letter to The Peublo West Review HERE 
The “invisible hand” is a metaphor used by early-day economist Adam Smith in his book, The Wealth Of Nations, to describe unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions. In Pueblo West, “invisible hand” describes intended social consequences resulting from clandestine actions.
The sale of every parcel of metro-district-owned real estate has been arranged in closed-door, secret executive committee meetings of metro board members and staff, plus publicly-unidentified others – collectively the “invisible hand” – very little of it ever mentioned in public meetings. Sales are then approved in public meetings by metro-board-vote on resolutions that reveal very little, scarcely ever the sales prices
Note the certainty with which Bill Clemens claims to know of Adam Smith’s use of the metaphor of “an invisible hand”. Yet he gets it absolutely wrong! Smith wrote no such thing about “clandestine actions”.
He also knows who attended the “closed-door, secret executive committee meetings of metro board members and staff”, though there were also some “publicly-unidentified others – collectively the “invisible hand” in attendance . Note: they were not quite so invisible then and it had absolutely nothing to with Adam Smith’s use of the metaphor.  Bill seeks to give authority to his gripe.


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