Friday, May 13, 2016

Loony Tunes no 133

Jeffrey Trester posts details of his book (9 May) 
‘Obscene Gestures of an Invisible Hand: Financial Doom and the Death of Culture - The Lighter Side’
Charles G. Mills (Judge Advocate for the New York State American Legion)  posts on Right Side News (12 May)  ‘The Right News for Amricans’ HERE
“Federal Reserve is Destroying America”
“Today, the invisible hand of the free economy plays no role in determining the money supply.”
The Invisible Hand
Sanjay Kapoor posts (12 May) HERE
“In 2009, I travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to follow up on the mysterious case of the Pune-based stud farm owner, Hasan Ali Khan. Khan was accused of stashing a mindboggling $8 billion or `50,000 crore in the Swiss bank, UBS. He had allegedly taken the help of a Kolkata-based businessman, Kashi Nath Tapuria, to squirrel away these funds. Who was Khan and why should he have so much money in a faraway tax haven? Quite clearly, these two shadowy figures were the benamis of someone bigger and more powerful – whose invisible hand guided the trajectory of the probe. Here are the reasons why I think this is the case.”
Who Is The Real Invisible Hand Of The Economic Recovery?
(12 May) HERE
SputNikNews International posts (13 May) reports HERE  a “How the Invisible Hand of Facebook 'Can Influence Politics”:
US Senate committee has launched an inquiry into how Facebook filters its news stories for its Trending Topics section
Xinhua News claims HERE 

“US -- invisible hand behind rising tension in South China Sea: senior Chinese diplomat.”


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