Sunday, December 13, 2015


George Kacher reviews (23 November) a new Ferrari in Motor Mag HERE
“Everything this car does seems to happen in warp speed. Throttle response is claimed to be twice as quick as the Enzo, hard acceleration making LaFerrari jolt forward as if forced by some invisible hand.”
Earlier George describes the car’s performance with a similie as “like greased Lightning” and the circuit as more “grease” than “lightning”. 
In FOREX STREET (Mumbai) (27 November) HERE
“The GBP/CHF pair trimmed gains to trade below 1.55 levels as the broad based sell-off in the CHF reportedly due to SNB’s invisible hand came to a halt.” 
Q: How does a metaphor “come to a halt” - even how does it move?
Devon Scoble in Toronto (4 December), a Libertarian, argues for a “Pot luck” party in National Post (Canada)
“When it comes to potlucks, let people bring what they want — who cares if it’s all dessert?”
A potluck isn’t forever; it’s one special event defined by a sharing spirit. And if that spirit produces nothing but a table laden with sweets? Instead of biting the invisible hand that feeds, lick the frosting off instead. Trust me, it’s delicious.”
Hyelim Son posts HERE from a set of slides for Lecture 12 of a set of downloadable Course Notes:
The Invisible Hand
Previously, we have learned that when people
act out of self-interest, the market will
allocate resources to the highest value users.
The market achieves this through price
signals (The invisible hand)”
That is the most nonsensical statement I have read for a very long time.
True: markets work by using VISIBLE prices and without them markets would not function.
False: this has something to do with “an invisible hand”. 

But If all prices are visible, what does an invisible hand do?


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