Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Oscar Williams-Grut posts on Business Insider (3 Aug)
The second phenomenon is the insane level of government intervention in the markets. Here's Sweeney: "In China a very visible heel can stomp on the invisible hand of financial markets.
Chance Kinnet posts (11 August) on ChipChick: HERE 
Is HTC About To Go Bust?”
“Essentially, it’s the invisible hand of the free market becoming visible just long enough to give HTC the finger.
Nerd Wallet posts on Nasdaq (10 August) HERE
“None of this is intended to disparage fee-only planning. Rather, my aim is to dispel the notion that any compensation model is morally and ethically superior and to encourage you to keep in mind the presence of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” when evaluating various advisor compensation models.”
Essentially each of these loony posts have something in common. They refer to the alleged presence in markets of a supposed invisible entity that for certain purposes can become visible to people.
1. How does the Chinese "very visible hand of the state" know where to "stomp" an entity that is invisible?
2. How does an invisible hand become visible long enough to be seen?
3. How does an investor "keep in mind" something invisible when "evaluating" compensation models?
Conclusion: their advice is inoperable and a waste of money paying for it.


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