Saturday, May 30, 2015

Loony Tunes no. 117

John K. White posts (15 May) on Counterpunch
Adam Smith’s “invisible hand was meant to guide all wills, but has become a strapped-on prosthetic used to explain capitalism as an effortless rule of nature, as though preordained, where talent and determination win out”.
[Lost Legacy awards John White with Loony Tune’s Gold Leaved Cluster and Bar] 
David Finkel (“one of the nation's foremost business thinkers”) writes for Hufffington Post HERE
“6 Tips to Build Company Culture"
“Your company's culture is the sum total of the absorbed values and unstated "way we do things around here." If it is built wisely, it will help your team handle novel situations that you have no system to outline. One way to think about culture is it is the invisible hand that shapes your team's behaviors when no one is looking.”


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