Sunday, March 08, 2015


Callum Newman, editor, interviewed George Friedman, author of “Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe””, who says (28 Feb) in “Daily Reckoning" (Australia edition) HERE 
We pay very little attention to what political leaders want, because when they actually get power, they discover they have much fewer choices. This is like, in economics, the invisible hand. You may want all sorts of things, but to be successful you are compelled by the invisible hand to behave in a certain way. Adam Smith didn’t invent that idea, Machiavelli did.”
How does this compulsion work? How does it manifest itself? How does Callum Newman or David Freeman know its an invisible entity if its invisible? Are they just making it up to appear beneficiaries of inside knowledge? 
If everybody is compelled in this manner, everybody must choose the same thing, which does not correspond to everybody being successful in any markets we known of. 

What a twisted mind they must possess if they set out to us impress!


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