Sunday, January 11, 2015


Minimalist (‘Go Blow Jesus Out Your Ass’) posts on ‘Atheists Forum’ HERE
“The Invisible Hand of the Market Has You By The Balls”
[Reminds me of a punishment I received from a Master who overheard me swearing at school - I was ordered to write 200 lines with the words: “When ignorance predominates, vulgarity asserts it self”. As an atheist I have never forgotten the Master’s assertion.]
Eric de Groot posts on
“Oil's Close Below $50 Maintains Sharp Decline To Lower Targets”
“The professional investors must profit by anticipating future trends and events rather than chasing old news. This is done by following the invisible hand or message of the market.”
Eric - we’ve engaged on Lost Legacy before - but you really are talking in the dark again.
Your headline reports that oil is close to $50. 
That is a VISIBLE price.  
So what more information do you or they want? 
All markets everywhere, and throughout all history, work through VISIBLE prices and cannot work without them, as I am sure you have noticed in your carreer as a PROFESSIONAL oil price expert.
Where and how does the so-called INVISIBLE hand contribute to your knowledge? How do you or ANYBODY follow it if it is INVISIBLE? Your guess is as good or bad as anybody else’s.
Why look for something INVISIBLE when you can see the VISIBLE prices? What more do you need to see when the VISIBLE prices tell you all you need to know, including where they were yesterday, and, if you keep looking, where they will be tomorrow when tomorrow comes?
Of course, your paying clients may realise that they only need to pay you if they also believe that there is a mysterious INVISIBLE hand that only you can “see”!
Nice one Eric! 

But its still a load of old cobblers …


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