Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Sam Bowman of the Adam Smith Institute posted (3 July) on the new look ASI website called “Blog”.
I meant to announce this shortly after my post complaining last week, about the unannounced change of name from the ‘Pin Factory’ Blog to the highly evocative, new title of ‘Blog”.
Apparently, these changes come with a move to WordPress from Drupal which means that ASI “can manage the site at the back end more cheaply and easily than ever before, and if/when we want to redesign the site in the future it should be relatively simple”. 
This is I suggest is an example of an in-house ASI move that is in the best interests of how participants in continuous improvement in their offerings both lower costs per unit of output and contribute to annual “endogenous growth” in an economy, which adds to employment opportunities, in this case at WordPress and causes changes at Drupal.  

Schumpeter called this the "perennial gale of creative destruction". It also means the ASI Blog “site is now fully responsive to mobile and table screen sizes, so reading on your phone should be a very pleasant experience from now on.”  This may also cause or continue innovations in the design and production of reciever devices.
Moreover, “as is often the case, the balance is between style and function, and it will take a while to get everything working properly.”
As is usual in new systems, “also using tags for posts” should “make it easier to find what you want from our archives”. 
Well, we shall see how it goes.  As long as the great quality of ASI’s posts continues, I am very happy to put up with any initial snags.
Give it a try:


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