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There are several announcements of international conferences relating to Adam Smith appearing regularly, reflecting increasing interest in the  work of scholars across the world. 
I think these are of interest to many students, post-graduates, established academics, and wider audiences of the perplexed - those who are simply unsure of competing economic theories can offer in the wider world of politics, business and media.  
As a service to readers across the world Lost Legacy will post occasional news of such conferences and seminars, with contact details in case they should wish to consider attending or to enquire from their organisers for details about the subjects to be discussed. 
I shall post title of any papers advertised in their agenda’s that Lost Legacy may have an interest readers. 

IMPORTANT:Please contact the individual organisers of the events for details and not Lost Legacy! 

2014 History of Economic Thought Society of Australia conference (HETSA)
Dates: Friday 11 July to Saturday 12 July 2014
Venue: The University of Auckland, Old Government House, corner of Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland


Day 2: Friday 11 July 2014

“Instinct as a Foundational Concept in Adam Smith's  Social Theory”
Tetsuo Taka (Kyusan University, Japan)
International Adam Smith Society (IASS)
Dates: 20 July-22nd: Glasgow Scotland

Venue: University of Glasgow: School of Social and Political Sciences

“Themes from Smith and Rousseau”

Call for Papers
The International Adam Smith Society and the Rousseau Association will hold a joint meeting at The University of Glasgow July 20th -22nd 2015. The conference aims to bring together scholars with an interest in the work of either or both of these thinkers with a view to stimulating discussion of their shared interests and the relationship between two prominent members of the Enlightenment.

The conference aims to explore the ideas and shared concerns of Adam Smith and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  Proposals for papers are invited on any aspect of Smith, Rousseau, or their shared intellectual interests including (but not limited to) pitié, sympathy, commerce, freedom, nature and science. Given the aim of the conference the organisers are particularly keen to invite papers that deal with both Smith and Rousseau.

Further details can be found on the websites

Please submit a title and abstract to Dr Craig Smith University of Glasgow (

Deadline for submissions of interest: 1st January 2015.

Comment:  I think readers may find this IASS conference topic as a whole very interesting given the likely strong attendance from across the world.   I know some of the organisers and they are among the very best in our field and likely to attract excellent speakers on both Adam Smith and J.J. Rousseau.


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