Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Humour, have a laugh!
Manus Chakravarty: in Hindustan Times HERE
  “Change the goal posts for the beautiful game in India”
Consider Adam Smith, the father of modern economics. He was the first to talk of an Invisible Hand that guided the game, so that while each individual player tried to do the best for himself, the result was goals for the team. That theory died an untimely death in the 1986 World Cup, when the invisible hand became the visible one of Diego Maradona.” - See more HERE
Invsible Hand set to MusIc!
Cyclotimia Voice mp 3 Stream Online HERE  and HERE 
(Anon) Investors Hub (17 June) Orfdino Gold (0RFG) HERE 2 
“what if the Invisible Hand of the market is Just The Ben Bernanke?” 
“It's the Invisible Hand of our free market at work IMO. $ORFG Lets hope that Hand eventually gives us the push in the right direction soon. One of the funny things about the market is that every time 
one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.” 

So today marks the 100th Loony Tunes Column on Lost Legacy Bloig! A small milestone in persistence and a sign of how the metaphor has become embedded in public consciousness across the spectrum of popular interest, way beyond, of course, the confines of Adam Smith’s original meaning when he used the metaphor only three times in all of his published works.

Maybe Loony Tunes will make it to the second 100 columns, though I doubt I will. Every long journey starts with a single step, so I await posting column no. 102 …


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