Saturday, April 05, 2014

Loony Tunes no. 94

“Protestation” posts (4 April) HERE
“Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Is at Our Throats” 
Aldus Huxtable asks (6 October 2011) HERE 
‘Now Can You Show Me On This Doll Where Adam Smith's "invisible Hand" Touched You?’
Yingxu Wang (PhD, Professor, Calgary University) asks (15 September 2013) HERE 
“Was the classical illustration of Adam Smith’s invisible hand shown upside down between the curves of demand and supply in economics textbooks?”
[The good professor’s answer is also loony because the ‘invisible hand’ does not exist; its a metaphor (but not for supply and demand curves!, and not an actual entity!]
‘Pro-active’ comments on Thought Leader (Mil & Guardian (South Africa) HERE
“Is it 18th century Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” or the “modern invisible hand” reaching into our century-influencing directions?” 


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