Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Adam Darwin' and Emergent Processes

Matt Ridley on “Adam Darwin: Emergent Order in Biology and EconomicsHere 
It is this year’s Adam Smith Lecture at the Adam Smith Institute (London, November, 2013).
Matt Ridley is beyond excellent; he is five-star brilliant in his celebration of what made and makes markets the historically most successful driving force of human innovation, improvement, and co-operation, raising living standards from less than $1 a day to unheard of levels for millions of people in excess of $150 plus a day (though there are a millions yet to follow suit, currently languishing in collectivist societies, and those ruled by authoritarian corruption - though see how Africa is now getting richer than ever before from economic growth.
And the emergent natural processes behind these changes have the their roots in the similar ideas of Adam Smith (exchanging ideas and things) and Charles Darwin (natural selection exchanging genes) (hence, Matt’s lecture title: “Adam Darwin”).
I urge readers to follow the link (it’s also on YouTube), lasts about 40 minutes, and is of breathtaking clarity. 
If you think you know about Adam Smith’s ideas and/or Charles Darwin, or no little about them, take the time to immerse yourself in the Matt Ridley’s exposition.


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It is nice to know that Smith and Darwin were on the same page, metaphorically speaking.

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