Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loony Tunes no. 76

GOP Worships the 'Hand,'
Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers, writes in Huffington Post, 5 March”  HERE 
The invisible hand of the market, which the GOP worships as an infallible god, is curled into a fist and is pounding America's lowest-paid workers.”
To create growth, unleash the invisible foot
Reihan Salam, HERE 
Across the political spectrum, there is a growing recognition that while short-term battles over government spending are important, they would be far less ferocious and intense if our economy were growing at a faster clip. But while conservatives and liberals alike clamor for more growth, they disagree about how to produce it. The key is unleashing what the economist Joseph Berliner once called the “Invisible Foot,” the neglected counterpart to Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand.
…. Enter the invisible foot …. This invisible foot of new competition is what drives incumbent firms to either step up their games a process that often involves burning through stockpiles of cash and shrinking profits or go out of business.
NOTE: An anonymous reader [not me] posts a comment for Reihan Salam: “As to the “invisible foot” mentioned in your article, perhaps a better term might be “invisible bul..t” of this grossly inaccurate comment.”
The Invisible Hand theory has been around for at least 100 years. People are making fortunes pandering to people's fears and sense of unfairness.”

Ivars Balkits in Occupoetry (in “OccuPoetry through Economic Justice”).  HERE 
“Invisible Hand”
“The Invisible Hand is hitchhiking out of the country.

The Invisible Hand is burying its coins in the sand of offshore Cays.

The Invisible Hand is waving to us from above the heads of its slaves.
The Invisible Hand: I can see right through it.” 
(and much more)


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