Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loony Tunes no 68

Nathan Ilunga writes There is invisible hand against GBM – campaign manager in Zambian Watchdog HERE
The demonstration was covered by both the public and private media so that the whole nation knows how the people of Kasama feel about the saga but this has been played down too except for Radio Mano, a community radio station disseminated this information within their catchment area but for other media houses it’s like there is an invisible hand conjuring up tricks so that they continue to reporting negatively about GBM.”
There is clearly a double edge sword to Adam Smith's Invisible Hand.” HERE 
[GK: Comment: a mixed metaphor too far.]
Slideshow 5000 Pro HERE 
“Select your favourite images and photos through the intuitive, fast user interface, sit back and watch the invisible hand gently throw them, one by one, onto the table while the camera slowly pans around.”
“Is Adam Smith's Invisible Hand a Pickpocket?”

5 SYED BAKHTIYAR KAZMI writes in Business Recorder on “The science of economics”
Even under the free markets theory, if the invisible hand cannot be expected to be honest and unselfish, what exactly is the right amount of government regulation remains an unsolved riddle.”


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This is not a Loony Tune but in case you missed it: Sleight of the ‘Invisible Hand’

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