Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loony Tunes no.64

The Social Responsibility of Business is Here to Stay Leon Kaye on Triple Pundit (“People, Planet, Profit”) HERE 
“The invisible hand of the market is no longer visible (Wall Street, NYC).”
Walrich Landi, a marketing specialist, writes HERE 
Ouch! Did you feel that, creative professionals? That’s the sting of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand lashing your backside with a handful of crowdsourced design.”
Stuff.co.nz (blog) HERE 
I have, however, started to feel an invisible hand of a sort as a new immigrant in America, and I've wondered lately if it might actually be trying to place itself around my throat.”
CBC. ca Michel Sandel HERE 
Economists refer to the free market as the invisible hand. But according to Michael Sandel, it's become more like a scratching claw.”


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