Thursday, September 20, 2012

Loony Tunes no. 65

Meridethe Day write in Cornell University ‘The Cornell Daily Sun’ HERE
Movies are supposed to grab your attention but this one felt more like it was reaching out an invisible hand and holding me down in my seat.”
By James Boyce HERE 
It's a great example of what economists E. K. Hunt and Ralph d'Arge once called capitalism's “invisible foot”: when polluters are paid to clean up pollution, they create more of it, as if guided by an evil twin of Adam Smith's invisible hand.”
Peter Foster in the Financial Post “Biting the Invisible Hand” HERE 
The Invisible Hand tends to be rejected either because it is inconceivable or unacceptable, but as long as there is any degree of private initiative and voluntary interchange in a money economy, it is always there, waiting to give an invisible slap to interventionist pretense.”


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