Friday, August 10, 2012

The Adam Smith Colloquium – Kirkcaldy, 7th and 8th August, 2012

I attended an Adam Smith Colloquium organised in Kirkcaldy, Smith’s birthplace, by the Adam Smith Global Foundation, these past two days.

A more detailed report of my experiences will be published on Lost Legacy later, once I have compiled it!

For now, let me say, it was a most informative and enjoyable occasion, and the organisers, staff and students of the publicly funded, Adam Smith College in Fife, were excellent and hyper-energetic hosts.

You may get a notion of the singular theme of the event in the above paragraphs, with its plethora of local brand naming around the historic legacy of its most famous son in everything connected with the 2-day event.

There is much to report of interest to all scholars of Adam Smith’s life and works.  I shall try to capture the emerging atmosphere of the Colloquium and its plans for its future in my report, which I shall post over the week-end.

[I also have much to cover of my other activities that have prevented my posting this week, so far, for which my apologies are offered.]


Blogger Blue Aurora said...

Did Nicholas Phillipson attend the conference?

If so, did you get a chance to speak to him?

Finally, have you seen the following video, Gavin Kennedy?

3:38 pm  

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