Friday, June 08, 2012

Loony Tunes no. 54

1  Media News, Matthew Creamer HERE 
Maybe more than anything else "Mad Men" is about resisting the clutch of that invisible hand that wants to throw you into the dustbin of history.”
PolicyMic Michael Nehab HERE 
 “It's the “invisible hand” willfully reaching to grab something — even if it must sucker-punch its way through.”
Cubbies Crib Andrew Denny HERE 
The Cubs theoretically control the “invisible hand” of the market here by establishing a base price through these “talks” and can inflate his value even more because of the bidding war that follows from the AL East teams.”
The Braiser  HERE 
"Manmohan Singh would be served the cheapest takeout curry in the DC Metropolitan area, because the invisible hand doesn't like flying in celebrity chefs to serve dinner."
SFX Ian Berriman HERE 
The scares do eventually arrive – most memorably, as an invisible hand plays a crashing chord on a piano.”


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