Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loony Tunes no 51

While the public sprints from gold in fear, they most likely miss the invisible hand calmly collecting its things and walking in the opposite direction.”
Forbes  HERE 
"The invisible hand, which sounds like a 30th level mage spell but isn't, decides the pricing of the objects being traded."
By Arthur Conan Doyle HERE 
An invisible hand seemed to have quietly closed round my throat and to be gently pressing the life from me.”
To put this point in terms that Adam Smith might approve, recruiters supplement the cold, impersonal, often merciless “invisible hand” of the Gesellschaft marketplace with their own Gemeinschaft warm “helping hand”.”
Invisible Hands
Canada's Excellent Future  Paul Summerville HERE 
“More on the challenge of unequal outcomes and the invisible hand of social justice.”
Foreign Policy (blog) Elizabeth Weingarten 
That's why this invisible enemy, this invisible hand, is so dangerous, because you don't know who to counter and how to counter.”
Las Vegas Weekly J. Patrick Coolican HERE 
Arrghh. Sometimes it seems like the “invisible hand”—Adam Smith's image for the magic of the free market—is drunkenly swinging a mallet into some rusty nails to build things we don't want.”
Grantland (blog) HERE 
“And in this week's podcast, the Men in Blazers analyze the game with a fine-tooth comb, considering everything from David Luiz's IQ to the invisible hand of Lady Physio.”
GhanaWeb Margaret Jackson HERE 
I agree that Rawlings is blamable in some instances, but the invisible hand that has been manipulating Rawlings by pulling the strings is no other person than manipulator-in-chief, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.”
Comedy Central (blog) Liilya Gerner HERE 
“Among the disadvantages of spending all one's time on the campaign trail while remaining a member of Congress is that the invisible hand does a poor job of casting votes in the House of Representatives.”


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