Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Prediction That Cannot be Challenged Because It Cannot be Tested

The Guardian HERE 

“The author is so sure of his argument that he predicts that 100 years from now, Charles Darwin will be recognised as the greatest intellectual contributor to modern economic theory, replacing Adam Smith as the intellectual founder of economics.”

A proposition that cannot be tested, such as all readers who have already graduated are not likely to be alive in 100 years is not a sign of someone who is “sure of his argument”. 

I predict the opposite situation in 100 years.  So what?

Professor Frank’s prediction has been challenged on Lost Legacy by myself since his book was released for review last year (scroll down to read them). 

He has attracted a lot of sympathetic reviews, mainly it seems to me from people who do not understand Adam Smiths works, nor, apparently, the ideas of Charles Darwin on Natural Selection.


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