Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loony Tunes no.39


How Do You Come Up With Your Best Ideas?

Jared Keller, an associate editor for The Atlantic, HERE

The eureka moment, that invisible hand that pushes innovation forward, is elusive.”


Album review: Billy Hart's 'All Our Reasons'

Chris Barton Los Angeles Times HERE

Hart leads with a steady, almost invisible hand that gives his younger, high-profile collaborators ample room to stretch.”


Daily Kos: Living Simply
By (veritas curat)

“... extract resources - 60% of which are processed, packaged, marketed and sold to the 10% who can afford to buy the stuff offered up by that miraculous invisible hand of the free market, which is giving the entire planet an all too visible finger.”


“Dan” writes comment on “There is no invisible hand” (Harvard Business Review) HERE

“The invisible hand has not worked because the governments have locked it up and thrown away the key.



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