Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Illiterate Bad Essay is Much Worse than No Essay

‘Oxbridge Writers’, complete with silhouette with representative 'dreaming spires', (part of the “ group”) demonstrate their on-line services to students who face a re-sit or want “guaranteed better grades” at “undergraduate, masters, and PHD” levels, for a price, with a paper entitled “The Invisible hand and Economic Progress”, apparently written by “students”.

Invisible hand”
In free market economics, due to the fact that there is no government control, all decisions are made by individual enterprise. Individual firm decides what goods to produce and how many this goods need to be produced more that all depend on the interactions of supply and demand in the market. Gillespie (2007) pointed out that the market is a "invisible hand" that advocates a free market economic system, everyone is allowed freely access to the market in which people enable to act as a role of buyer or seller to purchase or sell goods or service at the given price. In free-market economies, where the invisible hand was shaped by combining with principle of supply and demand. That is to say that, the interaction of supply and demand in free market could be frequently defined as the "invisible hand" which adjusts the market and forms the market price of goods or services. … As Randall (2001) states, the invisible hand contributes to market to allocate resources efficiently; the most significant feature of invisible hand is the ability to allow the market place to be self-regulating.
Nevertheless, due to the changes in market trends under the negative influence of economic crises, the invisible hand sometimes does not work. The theory of invisible hand in a Capitalist country, for example, since a serious blow from economic crises, the market mechanism has been influenced to a large extent and leads to people begin to realize that the invisible hand almost lost its unique ability of controlling this market. …
The mixed economics
The real world is one of the mixed economic. The definition of the mixed economics is explained by Gillespie (2007); a mixed economy is set in the middle of free market economy and command economy. That means that in mixed economics, where half business decisions are carried out by private firms through the market and the rest of the decisions are made by the government. …In mixed economics, government intervention affects business decision and management in various ways. Lipsey (2007) indicates that governments are more likely to adjust the present market by levying taxes or directly controlling the price of products even controlling the pattern of production and consumption to balance supply- demand in the market. From an economics perspective, the government intervention is regarded as "visible hand". As noted by Sloman (2007), it is necessary to introduce a visible hand to make up defects of the invisible hand in the mixed economic. …
Apart from questions that could arise for students if more than one of them in the same class uses these services and it is noticed by a grader reading the same or similar essays twice, or more, there is the problem that the “answer” essay is barely literate, at least by the standards of any University (let alone Oxford and Cambridge).   That alone should provoke faculty questions to the student passing it off as his/her own work about how they got into the University.  If they are sitting degree exams at postgraduate master or PhD level, an external examiner would enquire about the suitability of faculty to be employed there.
Judging by the quality of the content of the essay on display, I shall say nothing; it’s too poor to be worthy of comment.  Follow the link and read it all.  Caution your students about resorting to such desperate measures (and there are many examples worse than this one).  Tell those who ignore your advice to go into politics, where standards matter less.


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