Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Indian Businessman’s Prayer

Please give me strength to pay my Income Tax, GST, VAT, CST, Sevice Tax, Excise Duty, Customs Duty, Octroi, TDS, Property Tax, Stamp Duty, CGT, Water Tax, Professional Tax, Road Tax, STT, Education Levy, etc, etc, etc, ….

Don’t Gorget Hafta, Donations, Bribes, Vhand, etc, et c.

If I Have Some Money left after that I will do Business.

An Indian”

Between the businessman and the supposed beneficiaries of these taxes, there are a lot of people supervising, administering, collecting, allocating and spending the money, plus the people in the agencies that police and enforce the system, and the politicians who devised it and the new taxes that inevitably they will add to the list.

[The list is from Sam Bowman and the good people at the Adam Smith Institute’s “Pin Factory Blog” HERE .]



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