Friday, March 30, 2012

Loony Tunes no. 35


Prosecution of alleged financial crimes is imperative
Irish Times HERE

"And so Irish society learned that the invisible hand could also be a greased palm."


HFT and the Fidgeting Fingers of the Invisible Hand

Robert Teitelman writes(26 March) in Huffington Post HERE

It is important [that] finance sticks to the evolutionary path. To do so, the fidgeting fingers of the invisible hand may need a steadying arm."


I Know You Have a Little Life in You Yet: Ending Mass Effect 3 « Two ...
By Lesley HERE

That is my invisible hand reaching out through the ether and touching yours.”


Chicagoist HERE

"so sad that someone utterly wastes their life preaching from a ridiculous book."
You're telling me - my cousin's an econ professor. Keeps telling me about some "invisible hand."

Blue Fairlane reples:

My cousin used to tell me about an invisible hand. My therapist says I should just let it go.”



Yesterday I shared my momentous decision to become a libertarian, influenced by the inspiring example of young people across the nation brave enough to live every aspect of their lives by the law of the invisible hand, even if that hand is cloaked in an Ermine glove that occasionally sticks its thumb up their asses.”


Eric De Groot HERE

The Invisible Hand Casts A Shadow


Golden Nuggets to Live By | Balita Newspaper – Toronto Filipino Newspaper...
By Michael G. Rayel MD HERE

“Without us knowing it, this Invisible Hand watches over us, providing all the hidden opportunities in unlikely places.



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