Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looney Tunes no. 34


Curtis Harris on Hardwood Paroxysm HERE

The invisible hand of Laker triumph methodically draws the streamers back into the whispery clouds they descended from with Fisher in tow.”


A Sucker For Your Marketing: A Conversation

Dallas Observer (blog) Audra Schroeder HERE

Behind a monolith of advertising, or at least an Invisible Hand, the artistry of the music loses focuses.”


Again...the Invisible Hand

Media Mogul posts: “The hand's not invisible anymore”. HERE

The hand's not invisible anymore. Goldmann Sach's thinks we are all muppets and is basically giving us their game plan for how they are going to screw us over.


Robert Teitelman writes for The Deal on “HFT and the fidgeting fingers of the invisible hand” HERE

To do so, the fidgeting fingers of the invisible hand may need a steadying arm."



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