Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looney Tunes no. 33


Does the Market Really Want 'Smart Meter Version 2.0'?

Right Side News The Daily Bell HERE

Again, we'd be all for this kind of evolution if we were convinced it was a purely marketplace function and not an elite meme disguised as the Invisible Hand”.


Ethel Cotton's 1960 Course in Conversation Will Teach You Fancy Talkin'

SF Weekly (blog) Alan Scherstuhl Studies in Crap HERE

“Guide conversation with bores the same way the invisible hand guides the free market.


NHS reforms: the mental health practitioner's view

The Guardian Damian Carrington HERE

You are trying to be the invisible hand that helps make their lives work.”


Damien Hirst and the great art market heist
Hari Kunzru The Guardian HERE

And in its failure to sell for its $100m asking price, we can detect signs of the invisible hand moving against the skull's Barnumesque creator.”


“Is Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand a Pickpocket?”

Professor John Kozy Global Research (3 March) on Bill Totten’s Web Log HERE


Paying For Gas With A Credit Card? $1 Extra Per Gallon, Please ...Laura Northrup in The Consumerist HERE

Since the amounts of cash "discounts" aren't regulated by the state attorney general's office, this isn't illegal and the stations won't be prosecuted. Let's hope that the invisible hand of the free market smacks the owners upside the head.



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