Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looney Tunes no. 32


“The Porcupine Black Market Comes To Pennsylvania”

NPR (blog) Jabob Goldstein HERE

Then the invisible hand of the porcupine black market reached into rural Pennsylvania.”


"The Case of the Unexplained California Sonic Boom in 2009"

Top Secret Writers editor Ryan Dube HERE

That witness told the Orange County register that she didn't hear or feel anything – only her doorknob rattled as though from an invisible hand.


David Banner ft. Big KRIT - "Believe"

Hip-Hop Wired David Banner HERE

WE ARE NOT SIMPLY CHARACTERS IN A VIDEO GAME being controlled by the invisible hand.”


1-2-3 Gold

Eric De Groot’s Insights HERE

The formation of the third count illustrates a reshuffling of paper control from weak to strong hands. This game is all about control. While history is repeating, it's highly unlikely that anyone other than "invisible hand" is accumulating today's ‘hook’."


Free markets, chopped liver could cure many problems: Fed

Toronto Star HERE

The most recent and local example of a politician who understands little more than Friedman's buzzwords is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who had expected that the invisible hand of the free market would hand over a billion dollars to build subways.”


Herve Leger V Neck Dress is so perfect

The City Wire HERE

Faint has a steady, the slain gas from head lee with invisible hand over the transmission.”



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