Thursday, March 08, 2012

Looney Tunes no. 30


“Bluegrass Music Group Special Consensus Announces Scratch Gravel Road”

Cybergrass Bluegrass Music News HERE

An impressive 37 years into the band's history, Special Consensus has a reputation as a band with a strong yet invisible hand in the national and international bluegrass scene…"


Note for "Super Wednesday" - Either Party Can Occupy the Student Loan Issue

Peter J. Riley writes in (7 March) Forbes HERE

I'd say that showing the people that the invisible hand can, and should work for middle class citizens is absolutely necessary if the Republicans are to have any chance this November, and I can't see any action that would better demonstrate this point.”


The Invisible Hand of the Market

FreeWebDesign HERE

1) Invisible hand of the market at bar talking to person, ”You know, for the right price I could be the translucent hand of the market.”

2) Giant see through hand to therapist, ”The invisibility is fine, but the market just drives me crazy.”

3) Dog to another, “So I bit the invisible hand of the market the other day and stocks go up. Go figure.”



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