Monday, March 05, 2012

An Important Adam Smith Anniversary

Brandon Dupont, Associate Professor of Economics at Western Washington University, posts a timely reminder about a special anniversary of Adam Smith’s Works on his Blog, Economic Incubator HERE

”The Wealth Of Nations Turns 236”

“On March 9, Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations turns 236 years old. Smith’s 1776 book marked the beginning of the Classical school of economic thought and was the most aggressive (and effective) attack on the web of mercantilist trade policies that had come to characterize England’s economic policy during that era. Smith wrote his monumental book as one part of an unfinished trilogy, which also included the 1759 (later updated in 1790) Theory of Moral Sentiments and an unfinished work on jurisprudence

Follow the link for an interesting summary of Adam Smith’s approach to political economy and the over riding general approach to the importance for commercial society of moral conduct and justice.


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