Sunday, February 19, 2012

Looney Tunes no. 25


One fool's progress in the Colorado boondocks

The Durango Herald HERE

It felt like an invisible hand gave the truck a shove.”


Toward a Catholic economy founded on equality, justice

Catholic San Francisco HERE

'As one commentator noted: “Adam Smith, in the spirit of the Presbyterian skepticism of the Scottish Enlightenment, stated that when some individual engaged in business purely to make a profit for himself, he would, by the action of ‘an invisible hand’ (the hand of God), provide a benefit to society.


State Capitalism

Yves Pernet HERE

“The world was opening up and would soon become nothing more than a large hamlet, filled to the brim with opportunities and freedom for all, driven forth by economic prosperity where the invisible hand would from then on steer the ship of history.”


Interstellar Overdrive

Maize n Brew

"As Michigan reeled in commitment after commitment on Saturday, it was difficult not to watch the game without a vague belief in an invisible hand of cosmic beneficence pushing us forward on the day."



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