Thursday, February 09, 2012

Looney Tunes no 24


Nick Statt writes in Stony Book Press HERE

With only two days left, I am forced to the lab by way of the game’s ever-apparent invisible hand in the form of my pleading co-workers still placing their hope for humanity in a potential cure.


Julie Sze posts in ucf faculty supporting students HERE

“What to do? Thoughts on Staying Positive in Confusing Times ...”

“I do not want the uncertainty that started this quarter to allow our voices to be muffled beneath the invisible hand of the University system.


Marketing Risk Management, to Both Client and Provider
New York Times HERE

Stuart Elliot writes:

Although the concept for the campaign “did make the palms sweat” of some executives at Garp, Mr. Bernstein said, something “so visceral” was just what was needed.

He described the point of the campaign with a nod to the economist Adam Smith: “The invisible hand, it packs a punch.” That has a double meaning, Mr. Bernstein acknowledged, in that the hand delivering the punch in each ad is invisible, too.


An very unfair education reform plan
The Keene Sentinel HERE

Some might even say the measure is a thinly veiled handout rather than Adam Smith's “invisible hand” at work. It's all the more baffling given today's tough economic times.


IDI: Haredi middle class emerging
Jerusalem Post JEREMY SHARON writes HERE

The process is already under way and the invisible hand of Adam Smith is much more efficient than any court ruling or Knesset bill,” Stern explained.


Free-market IR
Denis Gallagher, writes in The Australian HERE

THE implied point that Grace Collier is conceding ("Workplace deals drive car firms into the ditch", 8/2) is that in a free-market economy all parties to an industrial agreement have an absolute right to make whatever agreements suits them as part of the invisible hand (a point that I am sure that she did not explicitly spell out, based presumably on her assumption that this is a given to intelligent readers).



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