Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Looney Tunes No 23


‘Bturn’ posts (6 February) HERE

“Ones to Watch 2012: 1000names”

More specifically, that one precious moment when a touch of an invisible hand (mysterious power? hand of god?) is needed to acts as a gathering source to put all those samples, found sounds, field recordings, chopped-up beats and bleeping bass lines into a meaningful audio image.”

Do The Math post on Earth Techling HERE

The invisible hand of the market will slap us silly demanding a new energy infrastructure based on non-fossil solutions.”


Eric De Groot writes HERE

“Ellis Martin Report with Jim Sinclair "Consolidate Your Holdings and Save Your Money"

“Those with extra funds should follow the money in gold, silver, and certain markets such as the Canadian dollar "Loonie". The invisible hand was buying the loonie's decline in October 2011. I recall being questioned as a bit looney tunes for suggesting it.



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