Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looney Tunes 18


Monkey Appetite
Salon (blog) Füsun Atalay HERE

It has become the obsession of a mind that has been continually cleared and rearranged by an invisible hand, which, at the same, time rewrites herstory.

Jack Lacton: Butter Chicken delivered by Adam Smith's 'invisible hand'

"Butter Chicken delivered by Adam Smith's 'invisible hand'."


Butter Chicken delivered by Adam Smith's 'invisible hand'.

Gingrich is a Perverse product of political system | M ...

By Timothy P. Carney HERE

Layoffs cause pain, and conservatives and free-traders have historically had trouble sympathizing with the emotional and financial difficulties caused when the invisible hand determines that one's job does not yield the optimal allocation of wealth.”


Lao Alps: A place of mystery HERE

Middle East North Africa Financial Network

Hundreds of jars are dispersed over the site as if an invisible hand had thrown them there like pebbles. Some of the jars are small like a pumpkin, others are huge and weigh as much as 2 tonnes.


The Invisible Handshake
Economic Populist HERE

“Adam Smith's invisible hand wasn't allowed to work here. What took its place was an invisible handshake,…”



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