Tuesday, January 03, 2012

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5 Fatal Flaws of New Traders

Moneyshow.com HERE

“If you've been trading for a long time, you no doubt have felt like a monstrous, invisible hand sometimes reaches into your trading account and takes out money.”


Trust Your Instincts: Transparency and the invisible hand ...

“I discussed how transparency is the necessary and sufficient condition for the invisible hand of the market to operate properly.“
“Richard” Blogs at: Trust Your Instincts Blog HERE


Invisible Hand Refuses to Allocate Resources Efficiently

“Jay” writes:

“There is an invisible hand at work, but it is not the Market — it is central policy- making by a corporate controlled state for the benefit of the wealthy. “


The Incomplete Neoliberal Revolution

Reihan Salam quotes Ashwin Parameswaran in the National Review Online (blog) HERE

“The prior economic regime was a system where both the invisible hand and the invisible foot were shackled – firms were protected but their profit motive was also shackled by the protection provided to labour.”


“The Invisible Hand Thumbs Its Nose At Us (laissez-faire Illusions In An Age Of Bailouts)”

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