Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looney Tunes no 11

'Not Right About Anything: The invisible hand of your heart'

“The invisible hand of your heart. SEX!”

Ian McGibboney

"The Great Recession, Business Investment and Crony Capitalism"

Ashwin on Macroeconomic Resilience Here

"The neoliberal transition unshackled the invisible hand (the carrot of the profit motive) without ensuring that all key sectors of the economy were equally subject to the invisible foot (the stick of failure and losses and new firm entry"

'How do We Choose our Mates? The Big Bang Theory vs. the Algorithm'

Pamela Haag in “big think” (2 December) HERE

“an invisible hand of the (erotic) market guides us to Mr./Ms. Right through a sociobiological brew of pheromones, adaptive preferences, and other mysterious but irresistible forces of attraction that only look chaotic from afar.”


“Fox News for president”

“Returning to "buyer beware" markets as we eliminate federal regulations (Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" felt around the neck of the middle class)."

Kansas City Star (blog) HERE



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