Monday, November 21, 2011

Looney Tunes no 8

Greed in the name of profit: A Magic Trick that would make Houdini blink HERE

Thanks to the efforts of "truth busters-worldwide" ( the 99% grass root organization ) The Invisible Hand and their agents are becoming more and more visible.”

Bordering on the bizarre

Times of India

Soon it began to rain, confirming my suspicion that the invisible hand was indeed mounting pressure on me; my resolve only grew stronger.

Why haven't the 2011 protests hit Russia? HERE

“The magic of the invisible hand, they argue, keeps getting slapped down by the interventionist bureaucratic state.

Canada Income Inequality: How A Growing Earnings Gap Is Raising Home Prices ...

Huffington Post Canada HERE

It was amidst this anxiety-ridden atmosphere that a little-known Vancouver real estate blogger tapped out a controversial post titled "Invisible Hand of Income (Inequality)."



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