Tuesday, September 06, 2011

At Balliol for Three Days

I shall be attending the annual History of Economic Thought conference at Balliol, Oxford from today.

I shall present my paper “Adam Smith on Religion”, Wednesday afternoon, and look forward to the discussion.

Balliol, of course, is the college at Oxford University that Adam Smith attended from 1740-46, and from which he developed an hostile view to the then lax teaching and tutoring regime (‘prayers twice a day and lectures twice a week’), mentioned in Wealth Of Nations (Book V), compared to the serious work he had to do as a student at Glasgow University 1737-40 (classes and tutorials from 7.30am to mid-afternoon).

I hope to visit Balliol’s library to discover which books were available to Adam Smith while he was there for six years, with only two weeks a year off, largely engaged in self-study.

I shall report on those papers I hear while there. But no blogging until I return.


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