Saturday, August 06, 2011


A reader commenting on an earlier blog post asked 'what's with the pornographic adverts'?, causing me to look back to the pre-2009 comments section, when "moderation' was added to Lost Legacy's functionality. The number of comments listed per post was suspicious, as I did not remember receiving 3 or 4 comments per post in those early years from 2005 (or even so many, so regularly now). On examination there were hundreds, literally thousands in fact (over 7,000 in fact), and all of them in Mandarin, simplified Chinese.

It turned out on enquiry with a Chinese friend that they were all advertising sex experiences, or fake watches, or just plain silly.

It has taken me several days to wipe them all out (that is not a challenge to juvenile hackers). What an advert for modern China.

If readers see anything that is offensive, or not appropriate on a serious blog on the history of economic thought, please let me know.




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